• Regas
  • Leak testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Pipe & hose repair & manufacture
  • Air con repairs
  • Servicing
  • Deodorising
  • Retro fitting
  • Installation
  • Leak dye
  • Compressor guards
  • Flushing
  • Pipe modifications
  • DDR compressor testing (late European)
  • Gas recovery only

Benefits of our Mobile Car Air Con Repair Service in Brisbane

Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning provides a mobile air conditioning repair service for trucks and heavy vehicles, and for cars (with some limitations). We will come to your premises to service your vehicle's air conditioning on the south side of Brisbane.

  Important: During peak times, mobile service to cars may not
     be available but can be done at our base in Pallara (next to Forest
     Lake) while you wait. Mobile service to trucks and other heavy
     vehicles is normally available. 

The benefits of having your car air conditioning repaired or serviced at home or at your place of work include not having to travel or arrange transport to drop off or pick up your vehicle, thus avoiding being without transport while the car air conditioning is being worked on.

You also get to see and talk to Kieran while the car air con is been repaired. You may have questions about your car's air conditioning which you can ask and they will be gladly answered. Kieran has no problem if you want to watch what is being done, and he will be happy to explain to you about your car air conditioning repair.

There are many other benefits to using the mobile service offered by Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning.

Kieran carries a huge inventory of service parts which means in most cases the job can be completed on one visit. Along with many service parts, on board is a huge range of diagnostic and repair equipment not normally found in workshops offering repairs to vehicle air conditioning in Brisbane. In addition, there are many parts which Kieran has brought from the UK which are hard to obtain here in Australia, especially for European models.

Another aspect to Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning is that we don't do anything else but truck, other heavy vehicle, and car air conditioning, unlike other places where car air con is an additional service and not their main area of expertise. This means they may not be fully equipped to conduct repairs or diagnose correctly.

Many repair shops call in Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning to do their AC work knowing that it is much easier to get a professional to carry out the air con work. We can accurately diagnose and repair problems, avoiding the use of valuable labour time of their own staff.

Because we are mobile you can have the benefit of this service yourself at home or work by cutting out the middle man, saving you time and money.

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Contact Details

Business Name: Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning (AU19165)
Contact Name: Kieran Lawrence, Licensed ARC Technician (L046640)
Mobile Number: 0412 207 217
Service Area: Brisbane southside

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