Compressor Failure

The result of a lack of oil in an air con compressorIf your car needs a new compressor, it is not as simple as just replacing the compressor and "all is well".

Generally, compressors are very reliable and if your air con is serviced correctly then it should last many years.

It is very rare that compressors fail by themselves and failure can usually be traced to any of the following:

This list goes on and on.

A serious case of contamination in a receiver drierTherefore ...

When replacing a failed compressor there are procedures that must be followed as stated on the new compressor instructions. The whole system must be flushed to remove all contaminants and metal fragments that the failed compressor may have deposited into the system.

You may have to replace a condenser that is not leaking due to the fact that contaminates cannot be flushed out. (On newer cars many of these cannot be flushed.)

The TX valve must be replaced, and the dash may need to be removed to do this. The receiver drier must be replaced. (A serious case of contamination in a receiver drier is shown in the above image.)

And finally, the reason(s) why the compressor failed must be rectified.

So, for example, what was a $700 compressor job now becomes a whole lot more. There is no escape from doing the job correctly. Anything short of this is poor workmanship and may come back to bite you and your wallet.

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