Car Air Conditioning Regas

THE BORING TECHNICAL STUFF! (for those who want to know more about the regas process)

What does a car air conditioning regas consist of?

Firstly, questions would be asked about the history of the air conditioner to get an idea of what may be wrong.

Air conditioning components on displayNext there's a visual examination of the car's air con components. (The image to the right displays a car's air con components on a bench.)

Then check to see if the air conditioner switches on, and if so how it's performing.

Then it will be checked for pressure readings and vent temperature output to indicate the state of the charge, if any.

If any gas is present it will be recovered.

The system will then be pressure tested with nitrogen for leaks.

If all is ok then the option of fitting a new filter is offered (recommended).

The car air con system will be deep vacuumed to remove any traces of air and moisture.

Then replace any oil that was recovered with the old gas.

A leak dye is inserted at the same time as the oil.

Then the correct amount of gas is added to the system.

The air conditioning system is then switched on and monitored for any abnormalities.

The vent temperature output is measured and pressure readings taken of the system.

The system is run for at least 10 minutes to ensure that the condenser cooling fan is operational and that everything is working fine.

A final leak test is carried prior to giving the system the ok to complete the air conditioning regas process.

A detailed invoice of work done and readings are given to you.

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Contact Details

Business Name: Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning (AU19165)
Contact Name: Kieran Lawrence, Licensed ARC Technician (L046640)
Mobile Number: 0412 207 217
Service Area: Brisbane southside

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