Regulations Regarding Air Conditioning

ARC logoAny person / business carrying out automotive air conditioning work must be licensed and registered with ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council). A list of authorised persons / businesses can be viewed on the ARC website Look for the ARC logo.

All persons / businesses who conduct auto air conditioning repair work must possess all the required equipment.

In addition, all persons / businesses who conduct car air conditioning work must follow the new code of practice regarding servicing and repair to automotive air conditioning systems.

Refrigerants must not be allowed to escape to the atmosphere. If there is a leak it must be rectified or be decommissioned (gas removed).

There is no such thing as a TOP UP anymore.

VASA logoWhat is VASA?

VASA (Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists of Australia) is the organisation that represents professional car air conditioning technicians. Members of VASA have met the requirements needed to be called a professional auto air conditioning technician. This ensures you the customer that you get quality workmanship. You can check on the VASA website for a list of members. There is also a wealth of information on there too. Look for the VASA logo.

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Contact Details

Business Name: Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning (AU19165)
Contact Name: Kieran Lawrence, Licensed ARC Technician (L046640)
Mobile Number: 0412 207 217
Service Area: Brisbane southside

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