Truck Air Conditioning


Truck air conditioning repair in BrisbaneAs well as general air conditioning work on commercial vehicles, we can now offer a fully installed under dash air con system to your truck cab.

These units are so cold you will need to wear a jacket, not to mention the power of the air flow from the vents which we have measured to be over 20 knots. The dash unit can be mounted anywhere in the cab that is practical. Ideally the best place is in the centre on the floor between the seats.

The controls are remotely mounted to give you ease of operation. Mounting the dash unit this way will keep the cost down by reducing the amount of piping and labour involved. We use multi flow condensers for better efficiency, and if needed the addition of a thermo fan to aid cooling when the vehicle is standing for long periods.

If your truck already has air con but poor cooling, we can modify it using existing components and reduce the cost again. If your truck does not have air conditioning fitted, the main obstacle is the compressor mount on the engine. As these are no longer produced it has to be fabricated to suit, which will add to the cost - approx $550.00 including GST.

Standard pricing is from $3299.00 including GST if a compressor bracket already exists and is useable (dash floor mounted between seats). Add approx $550.00 if the bracket needs to be fabricated and fitted with belts etc.

Call for more information.

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Truck Air Conditioning Repairs and Service

Truck regasAntarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning also repairs and services air conditioning in heavy vehicles and plant equipment in the Brisbane area. We understand that down time getting things repaired is costing you money when you should be on the road earning it. Therefore we are able to do truck air con repairs in Brisbane outside normal hours, and especially on weekends.

Because we are mobile it is much easier for you. We come to you even at the side of the road. We are not always able to enter sites due to health and safety regulations and access issues, but by all means we can do it in a safe area outside the site.

So if you're sweating it out in your truck or equipment, call us and we will get you cool again.

Common Problems with Air Conditioning in Trucks and Plant


Keep your AC condenser and water radiator clean. If not, you will cook your compressor and cause major damage. Also dust clogs the evaporator through the blower fan, causing poor blower speed and freeze ups, which shuts down the air con.

Make sure the engine fan is working and that during idling you can switch on the engine fan (i.e. Horton). Otherwise pressure will build up and can damage the compressor. It should come on automatically but this is not enough at idle on hot days.

AC hoses go hard over time due to heat under the bonnet and can burst or rub through. When replacing a hose bear in mind the other hoses are now under even more stress and may burst. Sometimes it is better to replace all hard or worn hoses to avoid another failure.

Pricing on trucks and equipment is different to cars, so call for a price on 0412 207 217.

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Contact Details

Business Name: Antarctic Vehicle Air Conditioning (AU19165)
Contact Name: Kieran Lawrence, Licensed ARC Technician (L046640)
Mobile Number: 0412 207 217
Service Area: Brisbane southside

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